The days of you feeling like you're in this alone are over.

There is no clear road map to building a successful business, and that can make it difficult to know where to start.

And while we can't give you the exact road map, we can get pretty close to it by giving you the training, tools and mentorship that you are looking for to put all the pieces together.

Our collection of courses is exactly what you're looking for if you're craving a business that...

Runs on autopilot

Once upon a time, we felt like we were scrambling every day just trying to keep it all together.

Tired of being the only ones who couldn't seem to wear all the hats successfully and make money, we invested in learning what pieces of our business' foundation was missing, how to prioritize and set and maintain boundaries and got to work making some changes.

Gives you time freedom

With our foundation and clear boundaries in place, we finally knew what we were supposed to be focusing on each day and began saying "No," with confidence, to the things we weren't.

In no time, we were ready to spend time figuring out what systems we needed to set up so that we could spend more time doing the things we loved.

Work with clients you love

But it wasn't easy sailing. There was some work we had to do on ourselves to really bring it all together.

We had to clear up the mindset blocks that were preventing us from 'tooting' our own horns to attract clients we loved, show our value and charge what we're worth.

But once we out.

And our community isn't keeping all of the things they learned throughout this journey to themselves.

The courses found within our training centre, designed by Canadian women in business like you, are full of the tools and know-how to create businesses that make money while helping clear out the blocks that have been holding you back.

Robyn Reinemo

Chartered Professional Accountant

"I spent the summer participating in the Level Up Bootcamp which focuses on sales and marketing. This course was a tremendous use of my valuable time and I am going into the Fall feeling motivated and energized. ⁠

I enjoy how Samantha meets me where I am at without judgement or pressure. I truly feel that she understands what my needs are and meets them."


Inspirational Speaker +

Life Motivator

"This program has been beyond amazing and has stretched me more than I could have imagined. It has helped me build my why and NOT to be afraid to charge what I am worth.

If anyone is looking for an online program that will help you step up and own your business with support and a positive community...THIS IS IT!⁠"

Laura Skjelmose

Sales Mentor

If you are looking for a community of like minded business women to bounce items off, learn valuable tips and tools + have access to a network of fabulous courses and trainings, then the Fempire Builders is for you! Samantha is a wealth of knowledge and support. I feel so lucky to be a part of such a wonderful group.

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samantha king fempire builders

Hey! I'm Samantha.

CEO + Founder of Fempire Builders

That's me second from the left with just a few of our amazing community members.

I have been leading this tribe of inspiring Canadian women since I founded Fempire Builders in 2016.

Drawing on my own experience as an educator, I Iove working with them, through in-person workshop and online courses and training, to help them grow and watch them reach new heights. Nothing lights me up more than sharing what I've learned along the way with them so that they too can gain access to the systems and skillsets they need to create the profitable business of their dreams surrounded by like-minded women cheering them on!

I don't know if I could love what I do more!!

Heather Meeks

Network Marketing Educator

"Samantha is BRILLIANT. Her passion for helping women in business grow is inspiring. She is a wealth of knowledge who always provides valuable, actionable content to her audience.

I love being part of her Fempire!"

Trish Beesley

The Photographer's House

"I loved this workshop so much. It really got me thinking. Even more so, I have a private session with @iamsamanthaking on Thursday! #cantwait!"

Heather Di Santo

DiSH Events

"I am so grateful for Samantha's talents, ideas, and willingness to persist and keep me accountable for building my new business.

I admire her strength as an entrepreneur and mom; and love that she can relate to the challenges of balancing a career, family and a home while creating strategies to help me do so."